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With over 1000 people experiencing homelessness in Berkeley we need the communities help more than ever. Housed and Unhoused alike are welcome to join us in our mission to fight for fair treatment of all citizens and provide the basic necessities for survival on the streets. UC Berkeley students are welcome to engage as part of their education. There is something for everyone to do no matter your skill set or disabilities. Below are some of the programs implemented by Where Do We Go Berkeley. If you see something that you may be good at, or are just interested in learning please contact our message number at (510)570-8026 and we can schedule an orientation. Regular volunteer meetings to be scheduled soon. Note: Where Do We Go Berkeley has no paid positions, every dollar goes towards the homeless community or actions in support of it. 

Volunteer meetings encompass all activities of the organization and also provide orientations for new members, any member of the public is welcome to come sit in or participate. Feel free to drop by unannounced, or you can call or email for more information. All are welcome! 

Volunteer meetings are every Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
1840 Woolsey St. Berkeley CA 94703

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At its heart Where Do We Go Berkeley is an advocacy group. Mistreatment of low income and homeless peoples are prevalent in every part of modern society. We help our advocates learn the most effective ways to communicate with  homelessness programs, shelters, local and state government agencies, misinformed community members and law enforcement. Representing clients without speaking for them is a key skill, unhoused volunteers can learn these techniques for self advocacy and to represent their community. No physical labor involved, however depending on your history this work can exacerbate mental health trauma.



Are you more of a boots on the ground type of volunteer? Outreach is the most direct way to engage with the community and establish meaningful relationships with the people residing in shelters and encampments. Work mostly involves meeting with people and distributing material goods such as tents, food, and other supplies. But can be anything including helping coordinate rv tows and vehicle smogs/registration.  Volunteers must be able to keep a reliable schedule. We are not an organization to leave people waiting around for us. Requires lifting objects sometimes over 50 lbs. Vicarious trauma can be common when forming relationships with people living on the street. Debriefing and decompression regularly at volunteer meetings is a must.



Social Media And Artwork

The perfect job for people with conflicting schedules or limited transportation/mobility. Social Media is an absolutely key component for generating donations and creating awareness. This is work that can be done from home if needed. WDWG also works with local artists and the unhoused community to create art projects that enrich the community. Berkeley and the Bay Area in general is rich with many kinds of amazing artists, you can put your talent to use by working with unhoused residents to create sculptures, posters, paintings, music, and any other art that supports the community and can spread the message of how amazing the unhoused citizens of Berkeley really are.


Legal Projects and Fundraising

Where Do We Go Berkeley is becoming most well known for it's role in various lawsuits as an organizing plaintiff. Our attorneys (like all members of WDWG) do not get paid which means they need all the help they can get! law students are of course encouraged to apply but anyone who is interested in the legal process can help. Fundraising is the key that unlocks everything we do as an organization, it is not glamorous but grant writing and soliciting donations is how everything is possible, this is another great volunteer from home opportunity. Current members of WDWG are not fluent in grant writing but it is something we can all learn together if you are also not particularly knowledgeable.