While Berkeley Ca is known for the size of its unhoused population, it is never given credit for the beautiful diversity of its encampments. each one is different. The people, the stories, the culture and history blend and become self expression. everybody wants to live a little bit differently and when people find one another with similar goals, these communities are born. listed here are some of the camps and groups working in solidarity with us for the well being of all.

WArning: if you plan on visiting ANY encampments LISTED please be respectful. Do not enter peoples space without permission. only donate food that you would eat yourself.do not leave your garbage assuming people will want it. do not ever takes photos or video of the people or their property without permission regardless of whether or not you are a journalist. this is not a zoo these are peoples homes.

Seabreeze Encampment


Seabreeze Resident Ms. West plays her electric keyboard Photo by Yesica Prado

Bio coming soon to be written by seabreeze resident

Ashby Shellmound

Bio coming soon by Shellmound resident Laura

8th and Harrison